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Halftone Dream

Fic : Drabble : Doctor Who

Halftone Dream Creations


All resources used (brushes, textures etc.) are credited in the 'Resources Post' link below.

Anything taken should be credited to halftonedream.

Fic : Drabble : Doctor Who

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Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: In the End
Rating: U

The Doctor looked in to her eyes and smiled.

"Run for your life!" he exclaimed, and that was how it had all started. It was so different now, each on either side of a wall that would never, could never, fall.

She hoped he would be happy with the next girl he picked up. He had told her she wasn't the first that he had travelled with, and deep down she knew she wasn't the first he'd loved, but he had two hearts and in her mind that was ok with her.

But this… this wasn’t ok. He wasn’t here.
  • Good lord, I thought i was the only one that hadn't done post-doomsday yet. I hadn't done it 'cos I just wasn't too moved by the end of the episode.

    Glad you liked it though.
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